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Entertaining Review of Logan’s Run

This guy created quite the review of the 1976 movie. I especially like his illustrations – and I totally agree with the old guy comment. Check it out at: http://iprobablylikedit.blogspot.com/2011/11/logans-run.html

Interview with William F. Nolan on The Pudge Factor

Check out this interview with me by Jimmy Pudge.

Jimmy says:

In terms of his writing, Jimmy can honestly say he owes much to the teachings

Author William F. Nolan

of William F. Nolan. I was already a dedicated fan, having read Logan’s Run more times than I can recall. One day, I lucked out and happened to pick up a copy of How to Write Horror Fiction at the public library. I sat at the table reading that book until they threw me out, then came back the next day to polish it off. I’ll never forget Nolan’s breakdown of his short story “The Pool.” A light bulb went off in my head about how to write a damned good story.

I realized an interview was necessary, not only because I admire the man for his remarkable fiction and nonfiction, but also to help writers gain insight into his thoughts on writing and the eBook phenomenon. I also wanted to know if the remake of the film Logan’s Run was ever gonna happen.

Read more at The Pudge Factor.

Logan’s Run vs. In Time

Here’s an interesting podcast. People keep asking what I think about In Time. I think I’ll keep my mouth shut and let you decide.

Logan's Run (film)

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I’ll be appearing at OryCon this weekend in Portland, OR. Please check http://www.orycon.com for a schedule.

Ryan Gosling’s Logan’s Run remake gets a hot new writer — but will that be enough?

Ryan Gosling outside a concert for his band De...
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Ryan Gosling’s Logan’s Run remake gets a hot new writer — but will that be enough?.

Let’s hope it gets done this time. I’ve been waiting FIFTEEN years for them to remake Logan’s Run. I’d like to see it before I’m in a wheelchair.

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