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Motivation Tips to Keep your Day Productive

Check this out: How does motivation impact our day to day lives you ask? It’s the most vital of the mental states. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning. Why we go to work. Even why we

What You Need to Know about the Twitter 280 Character Update

Check this out: Since its inception, Twitter has prided itself on being able to reach its users through microblogs. The tiniest of sentiments packed into 140 measly characters, getting across your point quickly, easily, and succinctly. Twitter, however, recently recognized

The Dangers of Instagram Bots

Check this out: Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. With a following that far exceeds 400 million users, the platform can be an attractive way to expand your marketing base. Some of the tools

Non-Traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with your Team

Check this out: I know we’ve probably done this one before. It doesn’t have to be a chore to celebrate thanksgiving, though. In fact, a thanksgiving celebration is something that can be done after the holiday, and might even be

6 Things You Need to Know about Instagram

Check this out: We’ve talked quite a bit about Instagram in the past, and have discussed a ton about how to market on Instagram. It’s important, however, that we understand the platform and how it works. This is why we

The Best xml to csv Convertors

Check this out: Many of us use WordPress for its unique ability to create content quickly and easily. We view this as the most user friendly platform available for our content, and the best way for us to get our

Mind-Numbing YouTube Statistics, Facts, Figures for 2017–INFOGRAPHIC

Check this out: Without the useful information that I find online and am given, I am able to create wonderful content for readers like you. I am so grateful to the contributors out there who take the time to create

Setting a Positive Social Media example

Check this out: Why would we need to be uplifted on social media? Social media is there for information and to keep us connected with others, right? Well, interestingly, there is information out there that indicates that social media use

Increasing your Happiness Level

Check this out: Why does this even matter to businesses? It’s important to understand happiness as it relates to productivity, both personally and professionally. For obvious reasons, happy people live longer and better than those of us who don’t have

How to Promote your Blog

Check this out: Why is promoting your blog important? To be frank, why are you writing if not to be read by others? Most people write blogs to be noticed, or to market to others. Spending enough time to promote