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The Best Free Tools for Creating Infographics

Check this out: What is an infographic? To put it simply, infographics are a graphic that gives information. Graphs, charts, pictures with statistics, even Venn diagrams are infographics. So, why do we use them? Infographics are a valuable tool to

Creating a Valuable Mission Statement to Brand your Message

Check this out: We’ve talked in the past about video, GIF, and photo posting, but how do you determine the message that you want to send in these forms of marketing? What defines your company and who you are? What

How to Draw a Crowd Using FREE GIF Creators

Check this out: We’ve talked about video, YouTube channels, and images, but why GIFs? Well, a GIF is a shorter version of a video. It’s just as appealing as a video, but takes up less time than a video and

The Best FREE Video Editing Software

Check this out: We just talked about YouTube and how useful a marketing tool it is. We are very fortunate to live in a world in which we can access information at our fingertips, and YouTube is no different from

How to Make Free Money by Creating a YouTube Channel

Check this out: Why YouTube, you might ask? Aren’t my blog posts enough? Aren’t my social media posts enough? Surprisingly, video is the platform that is currently making everything worth watching. People pay more attention to video than they do

Supercharge Your Posting Power Using Cronycle and dlvr.it

Check this out: dlvr.it and Cronycle, an inspiring platform for content curation, collaboration, and communication, have formed an exciting partnership that allows dlvr.it users to pull public feeds from numerous sources and post them on your social media accounts. Additionally, Cronycle has its own curation tools

Top Evergreen Publishing Tools: MeetEdgar, CoSchedule, and more!

Check this out: Evergreen publishing tools are incredibly useful. We’ve all heard about evergreen content and how important it is to republish content that is still relevant. I’ve even written about evergreen content before. But how do we publish this

Create the Best First Impression with Free Headline Analyzers

Check this out: Headlines are obviously the first thing that anyone sees when they’re looking at your post. The headline is the first thing that anyone will see of your article. Google, Facebook, Twitter, all receive the same headline. This

How Sales Psychology Can Enhance Your Marketing Plan

Check this out: I have been a student of psychology for the last few years. I learn and study how the human mind works and how our evolutionary and environmental backgrounds train us to respond to the world around us.

How You're Marketing to Millennials Wrong

Check this out: Believe it or not, I’m a millennial. I know, you’ve read a ton of blogs and marketing seminars about how you’re marketing to Millennials wrong, and you need to change your tactics. I agree with most of